about kk

kerstin kuntze
1965in köln geboren
1989-'95studium kommunikationsdesign
universität essen - folkwang hochschule
bei prof. vilim vasata & prof. otto näscher
seit 1985illustrator
graphikk designer
art director

kkontakt: info@kkuntze.de
web                    www.kkuntze.com

Her work is a generous display of feelings, expressions and above all passion. It doesn't matter if she is beside, over, under, in front of or in between - it seems that she always finds a visual landscape that goes along with her intentions. I can see her influences from graphic art, but there is really no reason to try to make some in-depth analysis of her work - Kerstin Kuntze's pictures speak to me in a very direct way - they tell me; just receive, feel and  contemplate. - Mr Urbano

Kerstin Kuntze makes me think of Rolling Stones; "I see a red door and I want to paint it black" and "She's like a rainbow, Coming, colors in the air". So, when looking for a selection of her work to present on 591, I soon came up with the idea of "paint it red". Her use of that colour is magnificent.

But what about the rainbow? Well, there was a picture that presumably would not fit in with the "paint it red" idea - the rainbow rollercast. But it is such a great picture, don't you think? So I had to publish it, and while doing it I keep hearing Mick Jagger singing "She's like a rainbow, coming colors in the air"...Enjoy this selection of Kerstin Kuntze's work. - Mr Urbano