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vom seufzen der haut° :: sighs under my skin°


Have a passionate one.

KERSTIN KUNTZE GOLD :: Der erste Unterwasser Dekolleté Kalender der Welt°°

PROVOCATEUR & Kerstin Kuntze

Hach... ich bin supersuperfroh in dem extrem beeindruckenden • Visions libres Magazine • zu erscheinen .... herzlichen Dank, Louisa Dawn!
I'm sooooo happy to be a part of the awesome • Provocateur •
a Special-Edition of Visions Libres Magazine.
Attention: »PROVOCATEUR« is online now. Take a look >>>https://issuu.com/louisadawnvisionslibres/docs/provocateur_edition
If you like to have a Print-Edition as Magazine, follow this Link: http://www.peecho.com/checkout/visionslibres/236065/provocateur-by-visions-libres-hardcover

Meet me in the pool or here:www.kkuntze.com
Thanks a lot to Peter de Kuster the founder of "The Heroine's Journey" who asked me to become a part of this amazing project :: https://theheroinejourney2016.wordpress.com/2016/08/11/the-heroines-journey-of-kerstin-kuntze/
The Heroine’s Journey of Kerstin Kuntze

What is the best thing that I love about my work?  Creating art is accompanied by hard work and sometimes … orgasmic fulfilment… I want more of that…. so I work and work and work. What is my idea of perfect happiness?  Last week I was driving in my car thinking about what I’d do if I have just one more month to live. I smiled, because I’m in love with my perfect imperfect life. What is my greatest fear? I have a lot of trust in life. To lose this trust because something terrible is happening to my family is my greatest fear. What is the trait that I most deplore in myself?  I ‘m just human, sometimes mean and often very nice. I love myself just the way I am… a beautiful construction site.
Working on my lifelong project …

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